Engineering Plastic  
 PP Special Compound GF, FR( Halogen and Halogen free ), Conductive grade
 PS, HIPS Conductive and FR grade ( V-0, V-2 )
 ABS Super Impact, FR grade
 PMMA ( Acrylic ) Clearity, High heat, Impact grade
 PC General, High heat, UV, FR, Lene grade
 CA ( Cellulose ) Impact, Clearity and Chemical resistance
 PETG, PCTA Transparant, Impact, Good barrier film and Chemical resistance
 PA6, 66 ( Akulon ® ) General, GF, FR and Special High flow " Ultraflow ® "
 PA46 ( Stanyl ® ) High Performance high heat, FR grade, replacement metal & alloy
 PBT/ PET ( Arnite ® ) Dimention stability, GF, FR,Mineral fill and FDA
 POM General, Impact, GF, GB
Thermoplastic Elastomer ( TPE )  
 TPE-S ( SBS ) soft touch, easy processing
( SEBS ) wide range in-out door property, full color, Clearity,
Translucent, Opaque, good heat and chemical .
 TPV Thermoplastic Vacanizate Rubber, Good touch, High heat and Chemical resistance
 TPU Good abrasive resistance, compression set etc,
 TPE-E ( Arnitel ®) High Elasicity Performance and high heat,Tension&compession set
Commodity Plastic  
 PP and PP Compound Homo& Copolymer, Talc, Calcium, Impact and High heat modifile,
 PS, HIPS, BDS General, Impact, Clearity
 ABS General, Impact, High heat, Transparant,
 APET Food packaging
 PVC Compound Food& Medical, Packaging, Construction
Additive & Pigment  
 Black and White Masterbatch High Concentrate carbon black and Titanium dioxide (Tio2)
 Nucleating Masterbatch Excellent Transparant and High heat crystalline grade
 Purging Agent Good cleaning Injection & Extrusion screw and barrel machine.
Specialty Product  
 TPU Film ( Syn-Tex ® ) Suitable for sport goods, Automotive air bag and Industrial tube Non-fabric film or sheet for furniture and Textile.
 TPU Membrane ( Syn-Tex ® ) High-Mid-Low breathable film in textile product, sport good Roofing film in construction, Disposible hygiene, Medical clothing
 Nylon Bristle Good soft and flexible for Tooth brush, toy hair, other Industry
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